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PrimeTech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Eductors & Ejectors in Chennai, India. The company specializes in Design, Manufacture, testing and supply of:

Portable Ejectors
Bilge Ballast Cargo Ejectors
Liquid Jet Ejectors
Air Ejectors
Acid-Alkali Dilution Ejectors
Liquid Jet Exhausters
Venturi Scrubbers
Tank Mixer Eductors
Steam Jet Heaters
Solid Conveying Eductors
We provide custom built ejectors and eductors tailored to meet specific requirements. Primetech provides complete solutions irrespective of the size or quantity of the order.

Primetech provides solutions to the various industrial sectors like:
Marine and Shipping Industry
Pulp and Paper Mills
Oil and Gas Industry
Power Sector
Water and Waste Treatment Plants
Metal Refining Industry
Chemical Industry
Pollution Control Industry
Fire Fighting Industry

Creating a better society and environment in harmony with our objective and corporate principles, as well as widely contributing to society through its business activities, including the provision of products, technologies and services that benefit society.
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