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Acid Alkali Dilution Skid


The concentrated acid / alkali and water are mixed in the dilution unit. This reaction is very exothermic and the diluted liquid has a high temperature. In acid / alkali dilution skid, Heat produced from dilution is removed by a heat exchanger, and the diluted liquid can be cooled to the designated temperature rapidly.

Working Philosophy:

The motive liquid (water) stored in the tank is pumped at a high pressure through ejector, the pressure energy of motive liquid is converted into a high velocity energy. The momentum present in the motive liquid is transferred to the suction liquid (acid / alkali) thereby enabling a lift, entrainment and mixing. At the Venturi diffuser, the velocity energy is converted to the pressure energy and we have diluted acid / alkali at the outlet of the ejector.


  The device is compact and takes up little installation space
  It's automatic and easy to operate
  Low maintenance is required
  Flexible use with respect to a nominal flow rate
  Possibility of varying the concentration and temperature of the diluted acid / alkali


  Cooling Water Supply
  Power Source

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