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Application: Evacuation of liquids and gasses


Primetech offers a range of mini Air Jet Ejectors to cater to a numerous industrial applications. These eductors are ideally suitable for places where only an Air motive source is available or an application where a motive liquid cannot be considered. Air Jet Ejector is assembled out of machined components with threaded / male end connections (std. pipe threads BSP). Various materials can be employed for the air jet ejector depending on the type & nature of liquids being pumped.

Working Principle:

When the compressed air is passed through the eductor motive nozzle, the pressure energy of air is converted to high velocity energy. High velocity air passage through nozzle results in vacuum build up at the eductor suction inlet. The high vacuum developed at the eductor suction inlet, enables drawal of suction liquid in to the eductor. The sucked liquid is mixed with the motive air stream and the air + liquid mixture passes thro' the venturi throat and diffuser. At the venturi diffuser, the velocity energy is converted to pressure energy.


  Suction and Clean up of Liquid Spill
  Pumping Out & Draining a Sump
  Extracting liquid sample from processs
  In house, test bench vacuum source

Typical Installation:

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