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Application: Vaccum Creation & Evacuation


Primetech offers a range of Air Ejectors to cater to a numerous industrial applications. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump can produce limited Vacuum. When deeper vacuum is required, Atmospheric Air Ejector can be used as a extra pumping stage. The Ejector is installed in the pump suction side and can pull the vacuum down to desired range. The Ejector sucks in Atmospheric Air and discharges it into the pump suction.

Working Principle:

In operation an Atmospheric Air Jet Ejector uses the energy available from the expansion of atmospheric air to the Liquid Ring Pump inlet pressure to drive the Ejector. Atmospheric air enters the Ejector and passes through the nozzle where the pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy. On leaving the nozzle at high velocity a region of low pressure is created in the suction chamber which entrains the process fluid. The two streams then combine within the throat of the Ejector before being decelerated in the outlet cone to recover pressure to suit the Liquid Ring Pump inlet capability.


  Allows operation at higher vacuum than the liquid Ring Pump can achieve alone
  No additional energy costs (motive air is free)
  Custom designed to suit individual pump characteristics
  No moving parts in Ejector. Low maintenance cost.

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Atmospheric Air Ejector
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