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Barometric Condenser
  Series E 3100

Application: Food Industry & Sugar Refining


Barometric condensers are utilized to de-superheat and condense the incoming vapors plus cool the existing gases, while developing the lowest possible pressure. This is basically a direct contact jet condenser.

Barometric condensers consist of a body, water nozzle such as spray type nozzle and jet type nozzle which are threaded into the body. Water enters through the two inlets, leaving from the lower nozzle in the form of converging jet streams and from the upper nozzle in the form of converging sprays. If inlet vapor contains non-condensable gases, the ejector has to be installed near the condenser. This ejector is used to entrain the non-condensable gases from condenser by creating vacuum.

Working Principle:

Vapors entering the condenser at the top are condensed by water from the nozzles. The condensates and water comes to the hot well through vertical tail pipe called as "Barometric leg" due to gravitational force. The Barometric leg allows the water and condensates to the exit no matter what the vacuum is in the process vessel. The non-condensable gases are withdrawn from the condenser by using a steam jet ejector.


  Immunity from flooding, in the event of priming or liquid entrainment
  There are no moving parts, low maintenance
  Requires little space and is readily installed
  Lower installation cost
  Open barometric discharge provides safe operation without an atmospheric relief valve
  Economical on water consumption


  Processing edible oil, milk and other products in food industry
  Sugar refining
  Alcohol plants and distilleries
  Pulp and paper mills
  Petroleum refineries
  Salt manufacturing plants

Typical Installation:

Barometric Condenser

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