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Primetech is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Bilge Ballast Cargo Ejectors in India with a wide range of rugged, reliable and efficient Eductors & Ejectors for different industrial applications. Over 600 products have been installed world-wide.

Ejector is a device which effectively utilizes the pressure energy in a flowing fluid to evacuate, entrap/suck other fluid and discharge it to a point as needed in a system. Ejector technology is applied to design stripping ejectors which is very widely employed in ships / cargo vessels / boats for variety of stripping application.

Primetech offers complete range for of stripping ejectors to meet the requirements of shipping industry. Primetech has In- house design, Manufacture & performance test capabilities for complete range of stripping ejectors.

The stripping Eductors (ejectors) are used to pump out / strip ballast, bilge, cargo or other spaces in a Ship that need to be pumped out on regular basis. E200 Series Standard Model Ejectors are custom designed with their internal details to meet varying pumping applications.

  Ship engine room bilge pump out
  Bilge pump out
  Ballast pump out
  Main & secondary drainage pumping
  Cargo oil pump out
  Spud can drain out

Special Application:
PT-E200 Series has provision to add wear sleeve (Removable Wear Lining For Abrasive Fluids)
  Pumping drilling mud
  Pumping cement

  Eductor has no moving parts
  No routine maintenance
  It is self priming
  Maintenance free
  Custom designed to meet requirements of each specific application

Typical Installation:

Further details and technical spec, download our   product catalogue.


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