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Application: Water Treatment


The BUBBLEJET® aerator is a highly effective product for aerating waste water and sludges in effluent treatment plants, pulp and paper, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries and agriculture.

The venturi jet pump based design evacuates atmospheric air from above using an aspirator and introduces it as fine bubbles in the ejector. Efficient mass transfer ensures within the diffuser between the fine bubbles and waste water due to high shear forces in the jet pump ensuring high amounts of oxygen transfer.

BUBBLEJET® can be additionally used for effective introduction of pure oxygen, ozone or process chemicals into wastewater tanks when required.

Why choose Bubble Jet?


Custom made, High Performance Jet Pump Aerator Solutions

Upto 30% energy savings compared to fine pore diffusers and traditional mechanical aerators.

BUBBLEJET® aerator's oxygen transfer rate is far superior to other aerators in the persence of surfactants in waste water.This makes it perfectly suited for waste water sources from pulp and paper mills, pharmaceuticals and breweries.

Prevents settling of suspended solids at the base.

Consistent, uniform mixing achieved through jet pump tank mixing technology.

Aeration occurs below the surface level, this prevents release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.


   Activated sludge treatment
   Homogenization tanks
   Nitrification / Denitrification
   Slurry tanks
   Retention basins
   Oxidation ditch
   Sequential batch reactor

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