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Cavitating Venturi


Cavitating Venturi can be used to limit maximum flow of fluids regardless of downstream pressure. Cavitation occurs when the absolute pressure of the fluid equals its vapor pressure. The cavitation (formation of bubbles) restricts any increase in flow.

Working Principle:

The Cavitating Venturi uses the liquid's vapor pressure point to limit or lock the flow. The throat of a Cavitating Venturi is sized such that the differential pressure generated from the inlet section to the throat reduces the liquid's absolute pressure to its vapor pressure point and it starts to vaporize or boil. These vapor bubbles begin to block the throat. This prevents any additional increase in flowrate. By setting a fixed upstream pressure with a pressure regulator, the Cavitating Venturi will deliver fixed, stable, repeatable flow rates that are entirely unaffected by changes or fluctuations downstream.


    Simple and compact construction
    Venturi has no moving parts
    Complex electronic systems are not required
    Relatively little maintenance.

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