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Application: Fire Fighting


Foam Eductor is a type of foam proportioners that is designed to introduce a proper percentage of foam concentrate into the water streams.

These eductors are constant flow devices that produce accurate proportioning of foam concentrate at a specified flow and pressure. It is therefore critical to match the proportioner with all the downstream devices, including all frictional loss associated with delivering that flow to the particular nozzle at the design pressure.

Foam eductors are usually portable devices however they can also be used in fixed system applications.

Working Principle:

Foam Eductor is a device that uses the venturi principle to introduce a proportionate amount of liquid concentrateinto a water stream.

This venturi principle is used in the foam Eductors to induce foam or other liquid agents into a fire control stream.

The venturi is the constricted portion of the waterway near the Eductor inlet. This restricted passage increases water velocity, thus momentarily reducing its pressure as it passes into the larger area of the induction chamber. Concentrate is introduced into this reduced pressure area through a metering device.The venturi orifice performs as a very efficient straight bore nozzle that is calibrated for a given flow at a given pressure.

The foam coming out of the discharge device is called the finished fire fighting foam. Finished foam is a combination of water, foam concentrate, air and mechanical agitation.


Foam Eductors are mainly used by municipal or airport fire departments where rapid, simple and cost effective deployment of a foam proportioning device is required. These eductors are also capable of generating and discharging fire extingushing foam to a deck of the ship where fire is most likely to take place.

   Chemical Plants
   Loading Docks
   Tanker Berthing
   Railroad Yards
   Offshore Platform

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