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Well Lift Hydro Jet Pump
  Series E 2900


In drilling application, the ejectors are placed on a riser at the bottom of the small diameter of the well. . The jet operates the supply pressure of greater than 7 bar to produce a vacuum which draws in the ground water to be returned to the low pressure surface collector pipe. Eductors will operate satisfactorily to dewater soil and control pore water pressure at a practical maximum depth of 50m.Suitable for removing small quantities of water from low to medium permeability (k = 10-7 to 10-5 m/s) fine grained soils.

Working Principle:

The liquid is pumped at high pressure through the nozzle, where the pressure energy is converted in to high velocity energy. The high velocity jet creates vacuum to entrains the suction liquid.

The motive liquid and entrained liquid as a mixed stream enters the jet pump throat and passes through the diffuser where velocity energy is converted in to intermediate pressure energy. This pressure is high enough to lift the liquid mixture to the surface.


  A single pipe ejector installed in a well or well point above the intake screen with the well liner acting as the return pipe from the ejector nozzle.
  A two-pipe system with separate high pressure injection pipe to, and low-pressure return from the ejector placed above the intake screen in a 100-200mm diameter well.


  The pump's compact size and rig-free installation make it well suited for use in horizontal and highly deviated wells.
  The jet pump able to handle high volume, high gas and high solids, its is a good fit for early well production applications.
  Heated power fluid can be pumped through the jet pump to dilute viscous crudes and enable consistent flow in heavy oil production.
  Jet pumps have been successfully installed in marginal offshore wells in which high intervention costs make use of electric submersible pumps prohibitive.

Typical Installation:

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