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Application: Vaccum Creation & Evacuation


The liquid jet exhauster is used to suck, entrain and pump out gases from its source point utilizing a high pressure motive liquid such as water or other liquid. Motive liquid is discharged at a high velocity through a specialized nozzle and sprayed through body and venturi throat & tail.

Specially designed nozzle creates a full cone spray. The liquid spray covers and seals the exhauster throat and fills the tail portion of the exhauster to create effective self priming action. The nozzle converts the pressure energy of the motive liquid into a high velocity spray. When the sucked gas is mixed with the high velocity motive liquid, momentum of the motive liquid is transferredto the suction gas. This transfer in momentum creates vacuum.

The liquid & gas stream enters the exhauster throat and passes through tail where the velocity energy is converted into an intermediate discharge pressure. Lower the temperature or lower the vapour pressure of motive liquid a higher vacuum level can be obtained.


  Exhausters have no moving parts
  Very little routine maintenance
  Can be effectively utilized in many gas and air pumping applications.


  Vacuum generation in chemical elaborations / production plant
  Evacuation of air and fumes from process vessels
  Exhausting and absorbing soluble gases such as HCl, Cl2, NH3, SO2, CO2
  Priming of pumps by creating vacuum and sucking water into pump casing

Typical Installation:

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