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Application: Material Handling


Liquid jet solid pumps are special application of eductors and they are used in conveying fine granular solids using a liquid.


  To convey: Sand, Gravel, Salt, Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resin, Granular Solids & Absorbent Carbon
  Precipitating agents for effluent water treatment plant
  Semi solids such as crashable food stuffs and other types of solids
  To fill and empty the reactors with the reactor mass in drinking water decarbonising plant
  Producing emilsions
  Pumping of food products
  Adding additives to the reactor

Working Principle:

Eductors using liquid in handling dry solids use liquid under pressure which enters the eductor from the motive nozzle to produce high velocity jet . The motive liquid , usually water emerges from the motive nozzle in the form of high velocity jet into the mixing chamber of the pump thereby, entraining the material in the mixing chamber. Depending upon the material to be conveyed, rinse water is sprayed into the hopper in order to maintain a continuous and constant flow.


  Low Cost
  No Moving Parts
  Self Priming
  Corrosion and Erosion resistant
  Simple & reliable
  Automatic control as option
  Practically no maintainence during its service if "washed down" periodically
  Safe & Easy to install

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