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Application: Vaccum Creation & Evacuation


MBR Evacuation Eductors are venturi devices which can either enhance or replace the existing vacuum pump which is used for permeate transport.

Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) systems combine biological treatment, involving bacteria with membrane separation to treat waste water.

Treated water is separated from the purifying bacteria, referred to as activated sludge, by the process of membrane filtration

Membrane bio reactors typically employ submerged hollow fiber membrane modules incorporated in a distributed flow reactor.

Evacuation of membrane bio reactors on a regular basis is necessary and it can be done by this MBR Evacuation Ejectors.

Air Ejector being self priming, it is ideally suited for multiple intermittent start/stop of permeate transport in
Waste Water Treatment Plant / STP Plant.

Working Principle:

    A venturi device such as ejectors are installed at the end of the permeate line header of each membrane bio reactor.

    Compressed air (Motive Fluid) is passed through the air inlet of the air ejector assembly for MBR evacuation.

    The motive air flow is controlled using a ball valve and entry of any particulate matter into the ejector is filtered our using an air filter.

    The Solenoid Valve which is used to turn on or turn off the vacuum produced by isolating the air supply to the ejector.

Typical Installation:

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