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Mucking Ejectors are water-driven jet pumps and are used as vacuum cleaners for cleaning the onboard cement tanks PSV's
   (Platform Supply Vessels) or   AHTS's (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels).

Cleaning is always an important aspect in any industry especially shipping industry carrying dry powders such as cements.

Extensive maintenance and cleaning procedures are followed while carrying dry powders especially cements as the hygiene of the
   crew has to be maintained as well as to reduce the cleaning costs.

Clean conditions have to be maintained during the various phases of loading & unloading of cement cargos & those phases are:
» Prior to loading - Cleaning up of intended storage area
» During Loading - Dust Evacuation
» After Discharging - Cleaning & de-dusting the deck or storage area

Generally, in marine industries Water driven mucking ejectors are employed for performing the above cleaning phases.


  Mucking Ejectors find applications in all maritime industries.

  It helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the carrier ships.


  No moving parts
  Easy to install
  Easy to maintain
  Low Cost

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