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Application: Blending & Mixing


Mud mixing eductor with Hopper (E2300 Series)

For mixing of drilling and completion fluids in ON-SHORE & OFF-SHORE Rigs

Mud Shearing Eductor is an effective solution for the introduction of powdered, granular or liquid additives into drilling, reservoir drill - in or completion fluids on the rig.The rugged stainless steel construction is designed to withstand the harsh off - shore rig conditions while meeting all off - shore health and safety requirements.

   Dynamic shearing
   Compact design
   Polyurethane lined nozzle for unmatched abrasion resistance and long life
   Stainless steel body
   Low rates of pressure loss
   Enhanced worker safety

Working Principle:

In operation, a centrifugal pump is used to deliver the pressurized liquid to the mud mixer. The pressure energy is converted to a high velocity liquid stream through the highly efficient jet nozzle.The high velocity stream creates a low pressure region resulting in a strong suction.

The powders or granules fed in through the hopper are drawn in by the suction and are first wetted in the radial pre-mixing chamber.The slurry then enters the larger mixing chamber where high rates of shearing occur.The homogenous slurry now travels through the diffuser section to recover the pressure energy effectively.

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