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Application: Blending & Mixing


Tank Mixer Eductors of type-Saucony known as "Saucony Mixers" are ideally suitable for effective liquid mixing applications in:

   Tall storage tanks
   Mixing requirement in tanks storing liquids with wide specific gravity difference

Primetech offers complete range of Saucony Mixers are usually custom built to specific process liquids and tank dimensions.

Working Principle:

High pressure motive liquid when passed through a nozzle its pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy there by increasing its velocity manifold. This high velocity jet of liquid when passes through a throat area of the saucony mixer it creates a suction effect at its ports.

The saucony mixer suction ports are encapsulated in a suction chamber, which in turn connected to a Suction Manifold Diffuser.

The Suction Diffuser Manifold is a custom designed vertical pipe manifold with liquid inlet ports strategically located at various heights. The diffuser suction ports are sized at each height to enable a uniform suction of tank liquid contents throughout the tank's vertical liquid column.

This mixing technology enables uniform mixing of the tank content instantly without a dead pocket of unmixed liquid at different elevations of tank.


  Adopts proven eductor technology with new improved features
  Enable uniform mixing of liquid at all elevation of tank liquid column instantly
  Guide suction of liquid at various elevations in the tank
  Quicker and homogenous mixing
  Have no moving parts and hence less or nil maintenance
  Cost effective mixing solution
  Construction from wide range of materials
  Technical support from experienced team

Further details and technical spec, download our   product catalogue.


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