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Application: Material Handling


• Solid conveying involves the transport of particulate materials mostly by air or other gases.

• Venturi Eductors utilize the air output of a blower to generate vacuum that can be used to entrain and feed powders, pellets and bulk solids into a Pneumatic Conveying stream and delivers at the destination Silos/Bins at a different location and at different elevation.

• Solid Conveying Eductors are used in dilute phase, positive conveying system.

• Solid Conveying System is generally a more practical and economical way of transport when compared to alternative mechanical conveying systems such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors because of the following reasons:

  Relatively economical to install and operate.
  These are clean, environmentally acceptable and simple to maintain.
  Flexible in terms of rerouting and expansion.

• Solid Conveying Eductors can be successfully employed in conveying various powders, bulk solids, pellets.

• Solid Conveying Eductors can be used to transport all types of dry materials. The Material of Construction has to be chosen depending upon the nature, size (limiting factor) and its ability to erode and corrode the walls of the ejector.

• Solid Conveying Eductors are used as an alternative to Rotary airlocks, Screw Conveyors, Bucket elevators, Flexible conveyors as they do not require any maintenance.

Working Principle:

  Solid conveying works on the principle of Pneumatic conveying
  Solid conveying eductors are converging-diverging venturies which are used primarily in transportation of bulk solids. Air at the required pressure is sent in as a motive fluid.
  The suction is connected to the hopper which contains the materials to be conveyed. Air passes through the motive nozzle, creates vacuum and sucks the materials from the suction side and delivers to the customer defined destination.
  Depending upon the nature and bulk density of the materials to be conveyed and the available pressure, the size and the conveying capacity of the Eductors differ.


These Eductors are installed beneath several solid processing equipments because these create vacuum at the product inlet which results in dust free material conveying system. They are commonly installed in the following solid processing equipments:
  Bins & Hoppers
  Mixers, Grinders & Mills
  Bag House & Dust Collectors
  Classifiers / Screener Outlets

Solid Conveying Eductors can convey a variety of solids ranging from nuts, salts, oats to alumina, cement, zeolite, Iron Oxide etc.

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