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Spray Type De-Super Heater
  Series E 3300

Application: Power Boilers


A de-superheater is a device that cools superheated steam to a temperature close to its saturation temperature, usually by spraying water into the flow of superheated steam. Superheated steam is steam that is at a temperature above its saturation temperature.

Material of Construction:
We offer the de-superheater with carbon steel and stainless steel as standard. Other materials cam also be offered as per customer requirement.

Flanged to ANSI B16.5 150# as standard. We can also provide other standard as per the requirement of the customer.

Working Principle:

When the de-superheater is operational, a measured amount of water is added to the superheated steam via a mixing arrangement within the de-superheater. As it enters the de-superheater, the cooling water evaporates by absorbing heat from the superheated steam. Consequently, the temperature of the steam is reduced. Control of the amount of water to be added is usually achieved by measuring the temperature of the downstream steam of the de-superheater.


  Range of maximum turndown ratios
  Minimal pressure drop
  Compact design
  Easy to install & service
  Consistent process performance
  Improved heat transfer


  Paper & Board Industry - paper drying machines
  Food Industry - Steam cooking kettles
  Textile Industry - Fabric finishing autoclaves
  Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries
  Refineries - Thermal and Catalytic crackers, Vacuum Distillation
  Brewing & Distilling

Typical Installation:

Spray Type Super Heater

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