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Primetech offers E-1500 Series, standard and custom built Spud Can Eductor. Unlike conventional eductors, these E-1500 Series Spud can Eductor are designed with "IN-LINE SUCTION & ANGULAR IN-LINE MOTIVE" flow feature. This design feature enables vertical upward installation of Spud Can Eductor, thereby enabling direct suction from Spud can bottom and easy discharge in vertically upward line. This improves suction / evacuation efficiency and minimizes losses.

Eductor is hydraulically driven equipment which utilizes the pressure energy in the flowing fluid to suck & evacuate other fluid and discharge it. Eductor principles are applied in design & development of "SPUD CAN EDUCTOR" which are widely used in "OFF-SHORE DRILLING" application.


Spud Can Stripping


A Spudcan is a conical footings used as foundation for offshore platforms especially for 'Jack-up' type oil platform.

Legs are the key components of a jack up drilling platform, are used to support the main body of a jack up.Typically,there are three legs for each jack up with the legs arranged in a triangular form, and the legs are long enough to allow the jack up to work in deep water when it is in an elevated position.

It is designed to spread the load so that the rig does not sink deep into the sea bed. Air will also be blown through it while seating the legs so as to move any loose debris away.

The base of each leg is fitted with a "SPUD CAN" which consists of a plate or dish designed to spread the load and prevent over penetration of the leg into the sea bed.

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