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Direct Steam Injection Heater
  Series E 2900

Application Industry: Power Plant, Pulp & Paper


Several processes require precision control of liquid temperature to achieve the right product without degradation or denaturing. In such applications where dilution of the liquids by water is not a concern, the liquid can be heated by the direct injection of steam. Precision temperature control is possible in Primetech's DSI as the rate of steam injection is not affected by pressure variation in the liquid stream (within reasonable limits). The steam intake into the injector is solely controlled by the pneumatic actuator.


  Wash Down / Hose Stations
  Shower Water Systems
  Biomass Treatment
  Commercial Dishwashers
  Heating Reactor Vessels
  Filter Washing
  Jacketed Ketteles
  Waste Water Treatment
Direct Steam Injection Heater

Working Principle:

A temperature transmitter in the discharge line continuously relays temperature data to the local control panel (LCP). The LCP creates an electrical signal which is relayed to the Electro-Pneumatic transducer mounted on the Primetech DSI system. This electro-pneumatic transducer receives a steady compressed air supply. The transducer converts this electrical signal linearly into air pressure. This air supply activates the diaphragm actuators which control the steam supply through choked flow conditions.

Steam Injection Heater Manufacturer Chennai

At choked flow, the steam passes through diffuser orifices at sonic velocity. Under these conditions, the steam mixes excellently with liquid stream and achieve required liquid temperature at discharge.

Advantages / Benefits:

  Energy saving as a result of low pressure drop across the heater
  Low vibration & low noise level
  Sonic velocity of steam injection eliminates the formation of steam bubbles
  Improved process reliability
  Enhanced process flexibility
  Precise temperature control
  Compact design allows for minimal installation space requirements
  Eliminates harmful steam hammer
  Low maintenance costs
  Eliminates fouling or scale buildup

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