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Application: Vaccum Creation & Evacuation

Primetech is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Steam Jet Ejectors in India with a wide range of rugged, reliable and efficient Eductors & Ejectors for different industrial applications. Over 600 products have been installed world-wide.


Primetech offers complete range of steam jet vacuum ejectors, steam jet syphon for various industrial vacuum applications. Steam jet vacuum ejectors are like a compressor that utilizes high pressure steam as motive fluid to compress gas (suction) to atmospheric pressure from a sub atmospheric pressure (vacuum) at the suction of the system. Compression of a single stage ejector is limited due to its inherent performance characteristics, jet ejectors are mostly staged by connecting the ejectors in series to produce higher vacuum at the inlet of the system.

Working Principle:

High pressure motive steam when passed through the ejector nozzle, the steam expands through the nozzle which converts pressure to a high velocity jet of steam at the outlet of the nozzle. This high velocity. Steam jet entrains and mixes with the suction gas and the combined flow passes through the venturi diffuser where the gas is compressed to an intermediate pressure between suction and motive pressures.


Solvent recovery in vegetable oils unit by Steam Jet Ejectors
The capacity of the condensers in a hexane extraction facility within a vegetable oil plant must be sufficient to liquefy the amount of hexane vapour produced. To ensure this the condensers must be under sufficient vacuum to operate the hexane recovery system. A steam ejector is utilized to induce vacuum into the process.

Steam Ejector Degasser
The vacuum treatment of steels in RH plants produces a very high quality of steel. The liquid steel delivered to a deep vacuum chamber will cause the steel to disintegrate and result in a large surface area available for degassing. The Primetech steam driven ejector supplied for these applications are of special construction to allow for the entrainment of high temperature, dust filled gasses.

Steam Jet Thermo compressors for the Pulp and Paper Industry
The steam jet thermos compressor compensates for fluctuations in temperature and discharge pressures of steam dryers while reclaiming low pressure flash stream. The low pressure steam is entrained by the Thermo-compressor and compressed to a reusable pressure, where it can be effectively utilized for its heat or thermal value.

Steam Jet Vacuum Refrigeration (Steam Ejector Chiller)
Steam jet vacuum refrigerators can produce chilled water in the range of 40 F to 60 F for cooling process heat exchangers, air conditioning and the multitude of other applications where chilled water is required. The booster steam jet ejector draws off flash vapours and discharges them to the barometric condenser. The non-condensed materials are drawn from the barometric condenser by two more stages of steam ejectors and an inter condenser.

Another type of refrigeration system uses a surface condenser to replace the barometric condenser. Since the latter system does not mix the condensate with the cooling water, the condensate may be pumped from a condenser draw-off leg. In addition to cooling water, flash cooling and concentrating of liquid solutions are two other applications for the steam vacuum ejector refrigeration system. These systems are extremely simple in operation and rugged in construction. With simple automatic controls, they can function at excellent efficiency at all times of the year at all loads. Most large capacity steam vacuum refrigeration units are installed outside and require no protection from the weather other than a protective coat of weather resistant paint.

Other applications such as:

» Vacuum distillation
» System pre evacuation
» System operating vacuum maintenance
» Pumping system priming
» Vacuum liquid pumping / lifting / transfer
» Suction of Filter
» Laboratory applications

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Steam Jet Ejector
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