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Application: Heating


Steam jet heaters are employed in heating liquid by injecting heating steam into the liquid. The heating steam condenses and mixes with the liquid being heated. It can be used to obtain heated brine, Hot water for dyeing and greasing. The mixing takes place at the throat of the mixer as the liquid velocity and turbulence is highest there. After mixing, the diffuser reduces the velocity and the pressure. There are almost nil rattling and condensation shocks and the operation is almost noiseless.

Steam Jet Heater-PI- Complete range is being offered by primetech. Steam jet heater is employed for process liquid heating application using steam as heat source. Steam jet heater employs a unique multi-port throat specially designed to admit the design steam flow rate for process heating.

Working Principle:

The process liquid to be heated is pumped at a pressure through motive nozzle of steam jet heater. The pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy there by increasing the velocity of liquid flow substantially.

This high speed liquid when passed through the downstream multiport throat region, it Creates a favorable condition at entire throat length to easily admit the steam.

Steam passes into the condensation nozzle and throat assembly which is a multiport design to admit steam into the flowing process liquid for instant smooth condensation.

The steam thus admitted in the flow stream of process liquid condenses readily. This also helps in condensing steam noise reduction. Steam jet heater works in a noiseless manner effectively rising temperature of process fluid up to 90°c in a single pass.

Typical Installation:

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