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Application: Liquid Transport


The Primetech steam jet liquid pump is a novel device used in elevating & conveying with simultaneous heating of wide range of liquids ranging from feed water to caustic solutions.

Working Principle:

» Steam jet liquid pump uses steam as primary fluid to pump liquids which is the secondary fluid.
» The kinetic energy of the steam is utilized to lift the liquid from the customer specified elevation.
» The steam enters the ejector through the nozzle and issues a jet into the mixing chamber.
» Initially, the steam jet and the liquid to be coveyed move as an annular flow.
» Mixing takes place gradually as the steam condenses but usually occurs suddenly at a condensation shock.
» The mixed fluid is discharged through a diffuser which is used for some further static pressure recovery.


» Elevating & Conveying of highly corrosive solutions such as caustic solutions
» Conveying of liquid chemicals :
   - Lye Solutions
   - Tanning Liquors
   - Milk of lime
» Simultaneous heating of circulating liquids

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Steam Jet Liquid Pump
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