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Application: Vaccum Creation & Evacuation


Steam Jet Syphons are a class of ejector pumps that are used to heat, mix and lift fluids that range from slurries to liquids.

The operation of steam jet syphons are similar to that of other ejector pumps and it uses the kinetic energy of the Steam which is the motive fluid to entrain and transports the fluids that are to be handled.

Steam Jet Syphons are used for emptying storage tanks, pumping out of liquids, mixing and heating of liquids, priming of pumps, handling and transferring slurries etc.

Steam Jet Syphons are especially suitable for those processes which require heating and pumping simultaneously and also these are capable of working in corrosive and erosive environment.

Working Principle:

The motive fluid namely, the Steam of steam jet syphons at high pressure is utilised in pumping a low pressure water-based liquid which is our suction fluid against a counter pressure (discharge pressure).

Steam enters the motive nozzle and undergoes an isentropic expansion because of which the inlet pressure energy is converted to velocity energy (Kinetic Energy).

The Momentum carried by the steam is utilised to lift, pump or entrain the suction fluid and the steam then condenses into the suction fluid.

The resultant heated liquid stream enters the venturi tail wherein the velocity energy is converted to pressure energy.

The motive steam is the available energy source that performs both entrainment and transportation of the suction fluid.


Steam Jet Syphons find a wide variety of applications in a diverse range of industries. Some typical applications are :

   Pumping of aqueous solutions such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acids
   Pumping of radioactive waste water from holding tanks or decay vessels
   Pumping of food products, in-line cooking and blanching of foods
   Heating of liquids and slurries
   Providing heated water to hot water supply stations
   Pumping filtrate from vaccum vessels and condensate from surface condensers
   Removing liquid from pickling baths, extracting chemicals in reaction chamber
   Handling soap solutions in textile plants, Pumping sugar juice and various liquids in canning plants
   Supplying heated water to the jackets of stills and graining bowls

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