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Tank Mixer Eductor

Application: Blending & Mixing

Primetech is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Tank Mixing Eductors in India with a wide range of rugged, reliable and efficient Eductors & Ejectors for different industrial applications. Over 600 products have been installed world-wide.

A form of Eductor is used to mix liquids or to agitate liquids in tanks, pits etc. These tank mixing eductors are static mixtures often used to mix/blend different liquids together in a tank. As a rule, eductor mixers can be used in all application where the liquid to be mixed can be delivered by a centrifugal pump.

The Tank Mixer Eductors are also employed for other important applications such as:

  Dissolving powder / solids in liquids
  Tank liquid mixing & heating using steam
  Mixing solids in liquid
  Aerating the tank liquid
  Keep solid particles in liquid suspension
  Dispersing gas in to liquid
  Mixing of liquids in neutralization basin

Very effective tank mixing combined with least maintenance enables the designers to select tank mix eductors to replace mechanical agitator system and devices.

Working Principle:

When liquid stored in the tank is pumped at a higher pressure through the eductor nozzle, the pressure energy is converted in to high velocity energy. The high velocity liquid discharge through the eductor nozzle imparts its momentum to the surrounding liquid in the tank. Thereby entraining the tank liquid through the suction openings of the eductors.

The motive liquid and entrained tank liquid as a mixed stream passes through the venturi, where intense mixing action takes place. The divergent tail portion of the venturi help is converting the velocity energy in to pressure energy, there by providing pressure to liquid stream to over come the static head of the liquid stored in the tank. The liquid mixture emerging out of Tank Mixer Eductor spreads out is conical form and entrains more liquid form its surroundings. The eductor mixing action establishes a circulating flow pattern in tank liquid. Application of these Tank Mixer Eductors eductor is limited by viscosity of liquid.


  Simple & Reliable Constrution
  No Moving Parts
  Longer Service Life
  Low Maintenance

Featured Applications for Tank Mixing Eductors

Eductor Tank Mixers for mixing in Oil & Gas Applications:-

Tank mixing eductors are effective in mixing petroleum derivatives in large tanks. As supposed to the traditional use of large and inefficient mechanical agitators, Co-operative society of petroleum, Egypt approached Primetech to design custom-made tank mixing eductors for mixing Gasoline 95 and Naphtha in their commercial fuel production plant.

Large and deep tanks are perfect for the installation of inexpensive eductor tank mixers. The tank mixers use the pressure energy of motive oil from the high pressure pump source to drive the tank mixer. The high velocity jet at the exit of the tank mixing eductor entrains a large quantity of the tank contents into the diffuser section of the eductor tank mixer. High turbulence is created at the diffuser as pressure recovery of the fluids occurs and result in intimate mixing. Tank mixing eductors have the capacity to entrain upto 3.5 times the motive volumetric flow through the eductor.

Based on the mixing time required by the customer, Primetech designed the sizing of the eductor tank mixers and the layout for installing them in the tank. A total of twelve cast carbon steel eductors were chosen for each tank with suitably sized headers to feed the tank mixing eductors. A double circumferential design was chosen to maximize the uniformity of mixing within the tank ensuring good product quality.

Primetech possesses the experience and the technical competence to offer bespoke tank mixing eductor solutions for the most complex and demanding applications.

Typical Installation:

Further details and technical spec, download our   product catalogue.


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