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Application: Pollution Control

Primetech is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of pollution control products of Venturi Air Mover and Venturi Scrubber in India with a wide range of rugged, reliable and efficient Eductors & Ejectors for different industrial applications. Over 600 products have been installed world-wide.


The Primetech venturi air mover is an effective device for
• Evacuating fumes, smoke and air
• Conveying light particles such as resins and powders
• Rapid cooling down of products, castings or work place.

Named after the aerodynamic pioneer Henri Coanda, this effect illustrates the tendency of a jet fluid to stay attached to an adjacent curved surface that is very well shaped. Air movers are "pressure energy converters" converting higher pressure of compressed air to a high exhaust flow rate at low pressure. Compressed air air enters the annular ring nozzle (A) and exits in the coanda profile which creates a vaccum in the upstream of the device.This causes an entrainment (B) which exits the device in (D). At the exit further entrainment of downstream air occurs (C).

• Can be used as blower / exhauster.

• No electricity required. Can be used in hazarous areas.

• Light Weight & Portable

• Increasing the inlet pressure increases the exhaust flow.

• Low noise levels in air flow

• Easy to control. Can be started / stopped instantly.

• No maintainence required when used with an effective filter on the motive air side.

• No moving parts

• Low compressed air consumption.

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Venturi Air Mover

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