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Venturi Scrubber

Application: Pollution Control

Primetech is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of pollution control products of Venturi Scrubber and Venturi Air Mover in India with a wide range of rugged, reliable and efficient Eductors & Ejectors for different industrial applications. Over 600 products have been installed world-wide.

Ejector venturi scrubber or blower is a gas handling equipment, which utilizes the energy of a high-pressure motive liquid to effectively entrain gas. The venture scrubber/blower is self-priming, capable of sucking large volume of gas and delivering with slight boost in pressure to few mm of water column.

Working Principle:
When a high velocity liquid jet spray passes through the venturi throat, it induces a draft action. This ejector draft action draws gas/air from source in to the blower. The sucked gas is entrained in the high velocity liquid spray flow and attains a good velocity at venturi throat. The gas liquid mixer then passes thro' the venturi-divergent section where in velocity energy is regained as moderate pressure energy. Also in this section of venturi the sprayed motive liquid droplets gets together for subsequent gas liquid separation.

This Ejector Venturi also functions as a scrubber effectively:

when the scrubbing liquid entrains and removes the toxic noxious gases, fumes, odour, particulates and dusts from the gas drawn into it. Venturi throat is a high turbulence zone, where in drawn gas & scrubbing liquid mixes intimately and intensively which results in effective scrubbing. As a scrubber, it performs the following unit operations effectively:

  Absorption of gases odours
  Aiding chemical reaction between gas & liquid
  Air moving
  Static pressure boosting of handled gas / air

Featured Applications for Eductor venturi Scrubber :-

1.Wet venturi scrubbers for Ammonia scrubbing for stand-by leak absorption in process plants.

Venturi Scrubbers can achieve simultaneous removal of various contaminants as well as provide a measure of gas cooling. Inventys approached Primetech to design Eductor Venturi Scrubber for Ammonia scrubbing by using Water as a Motive liquid for their leak absorption package.

Eductor Venturi scrubber is easy to operate and control and utilizes the energy of a high pressure motive liquid to effectively entrain gas. In Ammonia Scrubbing process, Ammonia gas is drawn into the Venturi Scrubber by means of the ejector action of a high velocity water spray directed into a Venturi throat. This high velocity spray is generated by the motive liquid pressure through a special spray nozzle. The spray impinges on the Venturi Scrubber throat to induce the draft producing action.

The Venturi scrubber throat is a high turbulence zone where maximum gas liquid contact and mixing occur. It is this intimate contact which produces effective scrubbing. The scrubbed ammonia gas then leaves the venturi throat with the contaminant absorbed into the scrubbing liquid. The diverging section is designed to regain as much as possible of the system energy possible resulting in energy efficient scrubbing process.Over 99.8% of the Ammonia is scrubbed away by the venturi scrubber making it the most effective wet scrubbing equipment.

An 18 inch scrubber was used to handle an ammonia leakage volume of 1100 m3/hour.The motive pressure and flowrate required to achieve sufficient scrubbing was determined by an in-house developed venturi scrubber design software.In this case a motive flow of 35 m3/hour at 3.5 Bar(g).The scrubber was manufactured in Fiber re-inforced plastic construction for light weight and economy.

Primetech has experience in the successful design of custom made wet Venturi Scrubbing systems and has provided solutions for complex Venturi scrubbing applications worldwide.Ask us for more such successful references.

Some related scrubbing applications which Primetech has specially developed experience is
1) Wet scrubbing of hydrogen chloride gas (HCL)
2) Wet scrubbing of chlorine, bromine and florine
3) Wet scrubbing of nitric acid
4) Chemical storage tank exhaust scrubbing.

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