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Application: Liquid Sampling


• Viscous liquid sampling eductor is used for sampling highly viscous liquid for analyzing & studying its characteristics.

• Handling of viscous liquids in industries is a major problem as it requires more energy for transporting them and also the viscosity drastically changes with changes in temperature . Sampling of such fluids often results in great difficulties,such as chocking, solidifying in the sampling branch lines resulting in hindrance in sampling and process monitoring and control.In such case , viscous liquid sampling eductor can be used.

• The eductor not only helps in transporting the viscous liquid which has more resistant to flow but also creates uniform mixing of various components. The mixing proportion required can be maintained using eductors.

• The viscous liquid sampling eductor system consists of the following major parts :
    An eductor - for creating vacuum
    RAM bottom valve - provides precise opening for the liquid to flow from source header.
    A static mixer - for uniform mixing before process parameter analysis.
    Interconnecting pipes, fittings & valves.

• Viscous sampling eductor can be used only when the particular sample can be diluted using water.

Working Principle:

When the compressed air is passed through the eductor motive nozzle, the pressure energy of air is converted to high velocity energy. High velocity air passage through nozzle results in vacuum build up at the eductor suction inlet. The high vacuum developed at the eductor suction inlet, enables drawal of suction liquid in to the eductor. The sucked liquid is mixed with the motive air stream and the air + liquid mixture passes thro' the venturi throat and diffuser. At the venturi diffuser, the velocity energy is converted to pressure energy.


  Applicable to wide range of viscous fluids
  Safe & Easy to install
  No moving parts involved
  Simple, Reliable & Low Cost
  Easy to maintain as no chocking

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